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An Extreme Breach of the Public Trust
Sarasota Sheriff's Department Alters Evidence
and Covers Up the Murder of a Florida Senior Citizen
Governor Rick Scott Refuses to Help a Florida Family Receive Justice



Murder victim Murray Cohen with his son and grandson                                        Murder Victim Murray Cohen and his wife of three weeks,
Murray Cohen lived at 4919 Commonwealth Dr. on Siesta                                                                  Maria Amurrio Cohen
                         Key, Sarasota, Florida

Thank you for visiting this website which has been created to obtain justice for a Florida family. Murder victim Murray Cohen’s family resides in Broward County, Florida. Murray Cohen was poisoned and suffocate by his wife of three weeks, Maria Amurrio (A.K.A.Maria Cohen). Murray Cohen died pleading for an ambulance on the floor of his Sarasota home on Siesta Key on January 13th, 2003. Audio experts confirm Murray Cohen's murder is completely captured in the background of a 911 call made by his wife of three weeks.


Geraldo At Large: 


As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush abused his power as governor and directly allowed corrupt members of the Sarasota Sheriff's Department to get away with obstruction of justice and covering up the murder of Murray Cohen.

What would Jeb Bush be capable of as the president of the United States?

Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, chose political loyalty over equal justice and rule of law in the case of Murray Cohen. After the Cohen family received media attention, Bush refused requests to appoint a special prosecutor and order FDLE to conduct a full blown investigation into Murray Cohen's death. Instead, Bush ordered a review, which is the same as a white-wash. The former head of the Jacksonville FBI who investigated the Cohen case stated in his report that the day FDLE was ordered to do a review, all chances for justice were doomed.

Sarasota Herald Tribune News Article September 14th, 2005- Jeb Bush Sparks Review of the Cohen Case

Internal emails obtained through a public records request show Jeb Bush's G
eneral Counsel, Victoria Brennan, had no intention of responding to Fox 13's call regarding the airing of the case of Murray Cohen. Emails also prove that members of FDLE who answer to governor of Florida had no intention of looking into the Sarasota Sheriff's obstruction of justice and cover up of Murray Cohen's murder.

Internal Emails


       Fox 13 Newscast:

Action News- March 9, 2009 Newscast


Refuses to fix Bush's mistake.

See Attorney Letter From September 29th, 2011
See Attorney Letter From March 27th, 2012

As of 8/17/14, Governor Rick Scott has never responded.

Probate attorney confirms Sarasota judges systematically denied due process and allowed evidence of murder to be destroyed.

See Attorney's Letter to Governor Rick Scott

As of 8/17/14, Governor Rick Scott has never responded.


Refuses to fix Bush's mistake.

Self proclaimed "People's Governor" turns his back to a murder victim's pleas for justice to be served.

Attorney's Letter to Governor Charlie Crist:
See Letter From July 3rd, 2008

Medical examiner's letter ignored by Governor Crist:
See Letter From June 30th, 2009

As of 8/17/14, former governor, Charlie Crist, hasn't responded to the letters.


Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Refused to help a constituent family obtain justice and closure.

Letter to Wasserman-Schultz

As of 8/17/14, Wasserman-Schultz has not responded or acknowledged her constituent's pleas for justice.

Florida State Representative Richard Stark

Refused to help a constituent family obtain justice and closure.

Letter to Representative Stark

As of 8/17/14, Stark has not responded or acknowledged his constituent's pleas for justice.


June 14, 2013

With no agency left in the government to turn to, Murray Cohen's son sends letter to President Obama requesting his help.

See Letter to President Obama

As of 9/21/14, there has been no response.



Report by former head of Jacksonville FBI Headquarters  breathes new chance for justice.

January 23, 2013: James Casey, who headed the Jacksonville FBI headquarters retired in 2012 and went into private practice. One of his new cases was the Case of Murray Cohen.
Mr. Casey was in charge of 250 agents and task force members. He also was in charge of all FBI investigations in 40 counties in Northern Florida.

With the help of  Jacksonville Attorney, Mark Gelman, Mr. Case was retained to independently investigate the death of Murray Cohen. After a lengthy investigation, Mr. Casey has concluded that there is probable cause that Murray Cohen’s wife of three weeks, Maria Amurrio, aka, Maria Cohen did cause his death. Mr. Casey also concluded that law enforcement blundered their investigation involving the true cause of Murray Cohen’s death.

See Mr. Casey’s summary and credentials.


Amurrio reports Murray Cohen to not be breathing and totally gone.  Seconds after she made this statement, Murray Cohen cries out for an ambulance. With her victim still alive, and the paramedics arriving any second, and in fear of getting caught Amurrio drops the phone in the middle of being instructed on how to do CPR and can be heard yelling at Murray Cohen to "give up". Before listening to the complete call, hear the excerpt from the 911 recording where she is yelling at him in a panic to "give up".

Hear the April 2013 enhancement of Amurrio yelling at Murray Cohen to "give up". You decide if it's "mi amor" or "give up".


Hear the 2005 enhancement of Amurrio yelling at Murray Cohen to "give up".

Amurrio told law enforcement and the medical examiner's office that Murray Cohen laid down to take a nap at 4:30pm and never spoke another word.

See Police Report


Listen to the complete 911 call made by Amurrio.

911 Call Made By Amurrio

Nation's top audio forensic expert who does work for the CIA, FBI, and DEA hears Maria Amurrio ordering Murray Cohen to "Give Up"
See Video


Forensic Audio Expert's Report Of 911 Call


 Meet Murray's Killer, the Wife of Three Weeks

Maria Amurrio, who also goes by the following names: Maria Antonieta Amurrio Fernandez, Maria Antonieta Amurrio, and Maria Cohen. Maria lives in Sarasota, Florida and is an employee of the State of Florida as a Juvenile Probation Officer for Sarasota County and a DEA informant. She was a special narcotics agent for her home country of Bolivia. The poisonous substance called Corazol Solution which was found in Murray's bedroom the day of his death. Corazol is made in Amurrio's home country of Bolivia. Corazol Solution is banned by the FDA for human consumption in the USA. Maria Antonieta Amurrio was born in Cochaboomba, Bolivia on April 7, 1955.

Maria Amurrio obtained a marriage license from her home country of Bolivia on February 7th, 2003, which is three weeks after Murray Cohen was murdered. See Marriage License

Murray's killer has posed as the legal next of kin and has spent over $140,000 fighting exhumation of Murray Cohen's body to determine the true cause of death. Amurrio was employed by Sarasota County as a juvenile probation officer. She was allowed to request which judge she wanted to oversee the probate of her victim's estate. See Amurrio Request

Amurrio's specially picked judge, Thomas Gallen, dismissed a motion to declare the marriage invalid and has allowed Amurrio to pose as the legal next of kin for over ten years. After dismissing the motion, Judge Gallen ordered the court clerk to take the fraudulent marriage license out of the court record and gave it back to Amurrio in court. See Probate Attorney's Letter

The reason that justice has been denied in this case for over ten years is because law enforcement destroyed evidence and obstructed justice in the murder of Murray Cohen. Their actions are a direct threat to our entire justice system and undermine  public trust.


    The most commonly asked question with this evidence is, "Why isn't this person in jail?". After Murray Cohen's son obtained a copy of the 911 recording through a public record's request, and discovered his father's murder, he contacted the Sarasota Sheriff's Department, who classified his father's death as natural, and told them what he heard. Instead of fixing their grave investigative mistake and doing the right thing, the Sarasota Sheriff's Department took the digital version of the recording and transposed it onto an analog cassette tape. This cassette tape was then copied over and over until Murray Cohen's murder in the background could no longer be heard. This deliberately, manufactured version was sent to the F.B.I. and a transcript was requested. 
    The F.B.I. declared that the voice that can hardly be heard in the background must be coming from a television. To this day, the F.B.I. refuses to listen to the recording which proves that Murray Cohen was a victim of a cold blooded murder committed by his wife of 3 weeks. The F.B.I. transcript made from the poor quality cassette tape is allowing a cold blooded killer to remain free and allowing the Sarasota Sheriff's Deparment to get away with destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. No governmental authority in Florida will help this family.

The poor quality 911 recording sent to the FBI was so bad that the FBI analyst says he hears Amurrio yelling the words "mi amor", not "give up".
See FBI Report

Nation's top audio expert, Paul Ginsberg believes that the FBI was given a bad copy of the 911 recording.
See Paul Ginsberg



On December 7th, 2007, Murray Cohen's family hired a certified Dictaphone expert to retrieve the original call directly from the hard drive after a 16 hour examination. The expert discovered all of the 911 calls on the day of Murray Cohen's death were deliberately deleted.

Computer Expert Confirms 911 Calls Deliberately Deleted


Fox 13 Tampa, 2005

Gaidecom Transcript 

Gaidecom Call Log 


See Sarasota Herald Tribune's 4th article regarding the case of Murray Cohen. Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirms their inquiry into the death of Murray Cohen is not an investigation, only a review.


Why did Sarasota Herald Tribune and investigative reporter Matthew Doig deliberately and falsely call Florida Department of Law Enforcement's review "an investigation"in their last article to deceive the public and allow these agencies to get away with not answering the questions that point to a cold blooded murder?


Is this Amurrio?


Stephen Beninati was Murray Cohen's stock broker in New York City. As fate has it, Mr. Beninati had a pre-arranged appointment on January 13, 2003. Mr. Beninati called during Murray Cohen's murder. Please see sworn statement made by Beninati six months after Murray Cohen's death. Statement <=== Click Here

The video sworn Deposition of Stephen Beninati speaks for itself. Mr. Beninati called Murray Cohen’s house on January 13, 2003.  Mr. Beninati’s recollection of what he heard in the background and his description of Amurrio’s disposition proves he is an ear witness to a murder. Mr. Beninati also confirms that Sarasota Sheriff’s Detective Chris Hallisey was not interested in discovering evidence which proved that Murray Cohen was murdered.  Why would detective Hallisey ignore evidence of murder?  Why would Detective Chris Hallisey create a falsified time line to change the series of events which Mr. Beninati was a witness to?


Nationally Known Audio Expert Paul Ginsberg Confirms FBI Was Given A Bad Copy Of The 911 Call

FBI Report
Click Here


Murderer Amurrio admitted to signing and destroying a prenuptual agreement she did with Murray Cohen:


Amurrio's Signed Page

Murray's Signed Page

Amurrio Depo Excerpt

Murray Cohen's Best Friend Confirms He Did A Pre-nupt

Amurrio testified under oath that after Murray died, the only part of the pre-nupt she found in an envelope was her schedule of assets and his. Amurrio was asked under oath where the envelope for the pre-nupt was. She stated that she might have thrown it out. Stealing Murray's assets was her motive for murder.

Killer’s hand picked Judge, Thomas M. Gallen deals final injustice to Murray Cohen and his family

On January 27, 2011, after taking Murray’s life, stealing his grandson’s college fund, Murray’s $269,000 retirement account, all his other bank accounts, a 1936 antique truck Murray bequest to his grandson which was to be handed down from generation to generation, all his family heirlooms, filing a false accounting of Murray’s assets, committing perjury numerous times under oath, the murderer’s hand picked judge, twelfth judicial circuit court, Thomas Gallen who for four years dismissed motions with no hearings and refused to hear evidence of murder and theft, discharged Amurrio as personal representative of her victim’s estate.

Amurrio’s hand picked Judge, Thomas Gallen trashed and disrespected Murray Cohen’s Will and murderer Amurrio, who was the personal representative of Murray’s estate, left Murray’s only grandson who was the major beneficiary of Murray’s Will not one penny. Amurrio admitted under oath and in a video deposition that shortly after Murray’s death she transferred all of Murray’s assets into her own personal account. Documents show after stealing Murray’s assets, she put the money in trust for her own son Boris Arias, who resides in the state of New Jersey.

   What other murder suspects are allowed to call the agency investigating them for an update?

Killer's Special Request

Murray's last wishes and prenupt were trashed by the judges of the 12th circuit court of Sarasota. The killer was allowed to steal her victim's estate.

Murray's Will

Judge Finds Sheriff Balkwill Deliberately Deleted 11,000 Files From His Laptop 

Lead Detective In Cohen Case Arrested For Doctor Shopping 

Judge Orders Sanctions Against Balkwill For Destruction Of Evidence


Miami Crime Author Joins Fight For Justice to be Served



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